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Restorative Treatments

For minor or severely damaged, broken, worn or decayed teeth, our dentists will investigate, assess and discuss the options available with respect to biology and nature. We favour minimally invasive dentistry and use the latest technologies in dental adhesion to restore and prevent further damage to your teeth. There are various treatment options to restore and replace lost tooth substance. Direct bonding is a minimally invasive approach to tooth substance loss. Indirect ways to replace surface loss are; a crown (full or partial), and an inlay / onlay or overlay. Dental bridge is a fixed prosthesis to replace single or multiple missing teeth. It requires preparation, invasive grinding of natural teeth used to support the prosthesis. Dental veneer is a less invasive indirect treatment alternative with superb results when planned and executed  harmoniously, and often a solution for those with extensive tooth damage or heavy internally discoloured teeth.

What do we offer?

  • Aesthetic tooth coloured restorations

  • White spots infiltration

  • Direct composite resin bonding and aesthetic layering

  • Indirect bonding; cosmetic ceramic veneers (E-Max, Feldspathic, Zirconia), inlays / onlays, partial or full coverage crowns, conventional and hybrid bridges

  • Partial and Full removable prosthesis / dentures (acrylic, chrome / cobalt, Valplast)

  • Monitor, preventive and restorative management of the worn dentition

  • Minimal invasive enlightening of heavily discoloured single or multiple teeth following trauma or root canal therapy

Treatment of tooth caries with direct composite resin bonding; case by Dr Ioannis Tsiaousis 

Restoration with direct composite resin (Bonding), of an adolescent patient following trauma; case by Dr Ioannis Tsiaousis 

Full mouth rehabilitation with a Zirconia fully fixed bridge, case by Dr Ioannis Tsiaousis

Direct Bonding with Composite Resin, case by Dr Ioannis Tsiaousis

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