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Guided Biofilm Therapy (EMS)

What is Dental Biofilm?

Dental Biofilm, commonly known as plaque, is the main factor for dental (tooth) decay, gum disease (gingivitis, periodontitis) and peri-implant infections (peri-implantitis).

What is Guided Biofilm Therapy?

  • The latest innovation in oral hygiene prophylaxis

  • A deep teeth and gum cleaning with advanced technology from Switzerland

  • Air - flow with specially formulated powders to effectively remove stubborn tea and coffee stains

  • Painless, fast and absolutely safe with temperature controlled (warm water) to reduce potential sensitivity during professional oral hygiene procedures

  • Evidence based procedure

What to expect from your Guided Biofilm Therapy appointment?

1. Disclose

Your hygienist will make the biofilm visible, a coloured liquid will be applied to your teeth with a cotton pellet which will; highlight to you the disclosed biofilm and the problematic areas and guide the hygienist to effective and complete removal.


Will remove the biofilm, stains and early calculus (tartar), your hygienist will use a mixture of temperature controlled (warm) jet water, air and a specially formulated powder to clean and polish your teeth, this process will:

  • Remove the Biofilm above and below the gumline

  • Remove staining from the enamel

  • Remove Biofilm from the gums, tongue and palate

Experience our groundbreaking treatment in our brand new surgery at Burgate Dental Practice & Implant Centre. To book an appointment use our online booking system at or call us at 01227 462857.

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