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Be aware of the sugar you are consuming daily!

- How much sugar is an adult able to consume daily?

According to the the government recommendations an adult should not exceed more than 27g of free sugars per day.

- What are ‘free sugars’?

Free sugars are sugars that are added to products such as chocolate, cakes, biscuits etc. These are the type of sugars that we should keep to a minimum.

- What is an ‘acid attack’?

Anytime that we consume food, the pH level of our mouth drops from a healthy environment: pH level of 7 to a 5 or below. At a pH 5, our teeth enter an acidic environment & start demineralise, therefore we are at more risks of developing cavities. We should try to minimise the amount of acid attacks our mouths have to a maximum of 4 per day.

- How can I reduce my sugar intake?

Read food labels, the traffic light colour coding on the front of the packaging will inform you of how much sugar is in a product.

1 table spoon is equivalent to 4grams of sugar so become aware of how much sugar you are adding to things such as cereals and cups of tea.

- How does sugar effect my teeth?

Sugar is responsible for one of the most common dental diseases which is tooth decay. Sugar has the ability to destroy tooth enamel. Minimising your sugar intake will increase your chances of a healthy mouth!

Prevention is the core of our dentistry at Burgate Dental Practice & Implant Centre. To find out more visit our website at: or contact us via phone at: 01227 462857.

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