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Endodontics & Pain Management

Nothing can interrupt your day quite like painful or sensitive teeth. We offer same day urgent appointment services to assess, diagnose and effectively manage the pain or discomfort caused. When necessary, an appointment on a later date will be arranged to continue and complete the treatment. We accept referrals for the treatment of advanced and complex root canal therapies. We use magnification, microscope as well as the latest innovations in materials and methods for superior results in endodontics.

What do we offer?

  • Cracked tooth syndrome / management

  • Tooth / teeth sensitivity

  • Root canal therapy (microscope)

  • TMDS (Temporomandibular Joint Disorder Syndrome) and jaw ache management

  • Nocturnal or daytime grinding management (night guards, retainers and splints)

  • Jaw clenching, masseter muscle hypertrophy

Radiographic Images of teeth Before & After Root Canal Treatment 

Case by Dr Dana A Vosooghi 

Case by Dr Dana A Vosooghi

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